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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Final note before closing

Those of us who are fortunate enough to remain continue to dedicate ourselves to arts educations 100%. 
Our students will excel.
We have again been told  (third year now) at district meetings to advocate for ourselves to the public. 
The district will not advocate for us.  This seems reasonable and we have done this.

The problem is:
We have been told to advocate to the public but the job cuts have come from within the district itself—not from the public.

It is this disconnect that sadly we must overcome.

Phil Fried


The layoffs have occurred and the remaining tenured teachers forced into TOSA positions outside of music.
Elementary instrumental music has been eliminated and shifted to an ALC after school program except in a few schools that have it in their SCIP plans.

Details of the ALC band program.

ALC Band is now part of ALC enrichment. That is pull outs from ALC remedial classes
Only those who are in the ALC remedial programs, or take the ALC enrichment programs can use the district bus service.
Any student can be in the ALC band program if there is parent pick up.
The new ALC band director has been hired but is not an instrumental music person. Her job description (at least on paper) has many other duties.  This means her job only allows for a 50% time allotment to ALC Band.

This will not be less expensive than a daytime program rather it merely a budget switch.
Hiring teaching staff has not taken place yet.