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Monday, January 24, 2011

Everybody's an expert everybody has a solution but who is they?

Who do these people represent?  Who is paying for their advocacy?
Who created this "group" and hired a former SPPS board member as spokesperson?
It seems that with education reform the cash comes first.
By the way their report has some statistics that seem a little out of proportion, that is to say that comparisons with other states are used to show MN in the worst light. 

See Here: 

Further this scree from their report (below) seems to leave out the messy political details about why this happened--not to mention who is doing the ranking or the context. 

In the Race to the Top federal grant competition, we earned a D− for our
teacher policies and a D for our failure to come together to support education
reform. We ranked 20th overall, far behind the national leaders and
out of the running for tens of millions of dollars in federal aid.

No mention of whether its a good idea for states to compete for school funds. That might require a different kind of advocacy.