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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Cultural Revolution - American Style

It seems so long ago when Mao called on the intelligentsia to become one with the people or else.

Well I just heard an American elected politician say on MPR (and read) that public school teachers had jobs that pay and many folks in their State don't have jobs so lets fire the teachers, cut their pay and benefits and even the playing field!  It is so bizarre that the right wing has taken the road of class and age warfare more associated with the left  That is hate the smart and experienced bad teachers, but not the "cool" novice young people who will replace them at a third the initial cost.

The move to pay teachers merit pay is really an attempt to bring politics back into schools.  The fact is schools are communities and that time is finite.  A teacher does not work in isolation.  Even so a teacher who demands and succeeds in getting more of a students time might have better scores for themselves but at the expense of other teachers.  Schools know this and that is why music and the arts and non test subjects are being dropped from the schools.  More time for test prep.  Turning our schools into factories.

I though that American education was being walmarted.  Rather than cut to the bone for profits only and low prices schools are cut to the bone for higher test scores.  But I was wrong.  Rather the move is to completely dismantle our trusted institutions for someones power grab.

Look to China instead.


I was wondering just how much money the States spend to oversee and assess charter schools.How much of that money might be used for students themselves?