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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The exclusive private school college drop-out gets his revenge!

Mr. Gates is the richest marketeer of our century.  Though a philanthropist, he has gone on record stating that he will never support the arts.  The arts are useless. How can anyone interested in education and the health of our culture have such an attitude? This reveals that his philanthropy has a design just like his marketeering.  

It is no surprise that a man who knows how to sell and how to put his competitors out of business would do something like this; set up stealth and false grass roots organizations. 

Objective: to make the teachers work for less.  The bottom line is that an experienced teacher costs more.  New teachers are cheap so all the bad teachers are experienced.  Even though experienced teachers do better than newbies.  Union busting anyone?

The business model almost bankrupted our country.  It seems that they want to do the same to education.

What do I mean?

To spend tens of millions of dollars to undermine organizations that work but are in financial difficulty and replace them with untried methods just so he can claim to be the savior of education.  That same money could be used to improve education in a thousand ways. 

Then again it would not be Mr. Gates initiatives would it?

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